USA Surfing’s Team Toyota Para Surf team wins the team Gold Medal at the 2021 ISA World Para Surfing Championship — the strongest showing for Team USA in the event’s history. 📸 ISA Surfing/Sean Evans

USA Surfing’s Team Toyota Para Surf team won the team Gold Medal in the 2021 International Surfing Association’s World Para Surfing Championship event presented by AmpSurf in Pismo Beach, Calif. It was USA Surfing’s strongest showing in the event’s six-year history, with nine American surfers making the podium.

The team…

USA Surfing Olympic training camp athletes, coaches and staff learn about the impact sleep has on performance and how to tailor training and recovery using sleep data. A growing body of knowledge and sleep data provides athletes and coaches important information about when surfer’s bodies are prepared to take on bigger training loads and when it’s best to back off and emphasize recovery.

Surfers and other elite athletes put in many hours training their minds and bodies for peak performances. Strength training. Cardio. Exercises to improve balance, increase reaction times, sharpen strategic thinking. Hydration. Nutrition to help build muscle and store the right amount of energy for competition day.

Best news! Team USA Olympic surfer John John Florence reports: “I woke up to the report from the surgeon that everything went as well as possible, and the procedure I had will give me the opportunity to surf at full strength sooner than I had hoped. Feeling motivated to really know that the Olympics are attainable. I’m excited for this and I’m gonna do everything I can to make it happen!”

*Thank you to DonJoy Performance for supporting this coverage of the science behind surfing’s progression in the lead up to surfing’s Olympic debut. DonJoy provides elite injury protection and prevention for surf athletes.

Team USA Olympic surfer John John Florence is on the road to recovery after a knee injury…

USA Surfing joined forces with ocean conservation artist Wyland to commemorate surfing’s Olympic debut in Tokyo, Japan. Wyland painted two T.Patterson surfboards using a Japanese sumi-style featuring marine life. The surfboards will be auctioned off to raise awareness about clean oceans and support for USA Surfing — the National Governing Body for Olympic surfing.

Surfers have a unique connection to the ocean and its marine life. Sharing waves with dolphin and looking down on beautiful coral teeming with life is part of what keeps surfers coming back to the ocean for more. …

Team USA Olympic surfer Kolohe Andino at an Expression Session celebrating surfing’s Olympic debut. (Photo: Kurt Steinmetz)

Surfing will make its debut at the rescheduled Olympic Games Tokyo 2020, introducing an exceptionally beautiful and athletically demanding sport to new audiences.

Having the sport of surfing included in the Olympics is an extraordinary opportunity for surfing and the world of sport. …

Welcome to the first week of 2021 — surfing’s first Olympic year!

USA Surfing board chair Doug Beal shared his resolutions for 2021, built on the lessons of 2020 and decades of experience in sports and the Olympic movement.

USA Surfing brought the top 15 paralympic surfing athletes in the country to the International Surfing Association (ISA) AmpSurf World Para Surfing championship March 11–15 in La Jolla, California. For the first time, more than half the Toyota USA Para Surfing team were veterans. 📸 ISA Surfing


COVID-19 has altered the course of almost everything this past year, and USA Surfing and its events were no exception. Two things that haven’t changed are the therapeutic benefits of surfing and honoring our nation’s veterans. …

Team USA coach Brett Simpson and 11x world champion Kelly Slater survey conditions at the ISA World Surfing Games in Miyazaki, Japan. P/C: Sean Evans

Team USA’s Olympic surf Coach Brett Simpson was unanimously selected by America’s four Olympic surfers — Carissa Moore, Caroline Marks, John John Florence and Kolohe Andino.

Simpson is a two-time U.S. Open of Surfing champion and coached USA Surfing’s junior national team to team gold and the World Surfing Games…

USA Surfing

The official ISA-recognized national federation for the ​sport of surfing in the USA //

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